Smart biodegradable ​aerogels

Value proposition

AEROFYBERS are cellulosic aerogels with a significant improvement in mechanical performance and water resistance
Our solution allows a cost-effective, sustainable, biodegradable and biocompatible application of aerogels by using cellulose, the most abundant biopolymer on earth. Our aerogels possess high liquid absorption, low thermal conductivity, controlled release properties and high sound absorption useful for a variety of sectors like biomedical, cosmetic, healthcare, food, packaging, thermal insulation in arquitecture, bioremediation, agronomy, etc. In addition, added functionality is possible by attaching hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances.

Renewable, sustainable and biodegradable materials

In contrast with existing commercial aerogels, AEROFYBERS are made from renewable, sustainable and biodegradable materials and their properties are enhanced by a simple dipping process with another biopolymer to provide these aerogels with better mechanical performance and a hydrophobic character.


The technological development is covered by a patent.

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